Brownfields Presentation YRWA Meeting - 3/25/14

The Youghiogheny River Watershed Association will hear a presentation on
"brownfields" by Patrick Kirby, Director of the Northern West Virginia
Brownfields Assistance Center, Tuesday, February 25, 7:30 PM at the Garrett
College Center for Adventure and Outdoor Sports building, Laker Drive, off
Mosser Road.

"Brownfields" are real property land that has been contaminated
hazardous waste or pollution and has the potential to be reused once it is
cleaned up. For example, dry cleaning establishments, gas stations, and
former industrial sites and some commercial sites have used chemicals,
solvents and heavy petroleum products that have contaminated properties. The
Maryland Department of Environment lists five such sites in Garret County,
with more sites potentially affected.

 Patrick Kirby has been the Director of the Northern West
Virginia Brownfields Assistance Center since 2006.  Mr. Kirby earned a
Master's Degree in Public Policy from West Virginia University and received
his B.S. degree in Political Science from Shepherd University.  In 2008, Mr.
Kirby developed the FOCUS WV grant program with the support of the Benedum
Foundation to assist communities with brownfield redevelopment.  In 2010,
Mr. Kirby created the West Virginia Redevelopment Collaborative to expand
work with partners to overcome redevelopment challenges.  Mr. Kirby is also
on a research team to utilize former surface mines for alternative energy
development.  Most recently, Mr. Kirby has leveraged private foundation
funding to identify solutions to address the problem of abandoned and
dilapidated structures in West Virginia.  Mr. Kirby also serves on numerous
boards and committees related to public administration, land use planning
and design, building reuse and riverfront redevelopment.

The public is invited to learn about brownfields and abandoned
buildings, old gas stations, and former industrial sites that need to be
redeveloped.  Come learn about funding to help put those properties back
into productive, job creating businesses or other reuses to benefit Garrett
County.   Join Brownfields Expert  Patrick Kirby Director of the Brownfields
Assistance Center at WVU to learn how these ³brownfields² can be turned from
liabilities to assets.  This discussion will involve identifying sites and
available funding for local governments and community groups to address
potentially contaminated properties.

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