The Youghiogheny River Watershed

Encompassing about 397 square miles in Maryland. The Youghiogheny River (pronounced "YOCK-uh-gain-ee," is from an Algonquin Indian word  meaning "in a roundabout course" or "stream  flowing in a contrary direction") is the only river in Maryland that does not drain into the Potomac, but rather is a north flowing tributary to the Mississippi Drainage.

The Youghiogheny River and its tributaries possess unique natural and recreational resources, and is the only river designated as “Wild and Scenic” in the state of Maryland. These natural resources encourage a wide variety of recreational uses form the whitewater boating to fishing. Special trout fishing management areas have been established in portions of the river, making it one of Maryland’s top trout fishing destinations.  It’s whitewaters are ranked high among the boater community who frequent the Class V rapids of the “Upper Yough” near Friendsville, MD.

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